FilmMD Productions’ medical, surgical and scientific videos are directed and edited by a full-time physician-cinematographer. This means that our videos can be tailored for a range of purposes ranging from patient testimonials and physician profiles to documenting ground-breaking surgical or scientific procedures for publication.

Scientific and surgical videos can also be tailored for educational purposes with the use of motion-tracking labels to tag specific anatomic structures for the untrained eye or to pin-point specific techniques for the trained eye.

FilmMD’s scientific and surgical videos are dynamic thanks to the use of cutting-edge camera robotics which allow for precise and smooth reproducible motion. In addition, target-tracking technology allows for the creation of unique motion timelapses that are visually stimulating and thus, rampant on social media platforms.

Our surgical videos make use of a remotely controlled robotic overhead camera that provide a clear and high-resolution provider point-of-view. The sharp 4K image is ideal for capturing details such as texture and depth as well as allowing for a 10X optical zoom that is also wirelessly controlled to capture the smallest details in a procedure.